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The Nature of the Beast
You stare into my eyes,
I wonder what you see,
Eyes that have lost their light over years of loss and tragedy?
Maybe a glimpse into my soul,
Maybe just a pair of dark, brown eyes
Or maybe you don’t see anything at all
Maybe you just want to see yourself in my eyes
I stare into yours and I see an ocean,
I see sadness and heart ache veiled by a deep lust that is almost mistaken for a burning light
I see more into you than you see into me
You breathe me in and I breathe you in,
Then I understand
That what you're looking for isn't inherently me by nature
You touch my skin, but my bones don’t shake
You kiss me, but my lips don’t quiver
Your fingers glide over the contours of my body, but my soul remains aloof
Your empty love is toward this vessel, the embodiment of me,
And I know it,
you’ll love my body, but you’ll never love my soul.
:icont0xic-rain:t0xic-rain 0 0
Hot-blooded Woman
I am enraged, engorged with feeling, like my head is going to explode, my blood is coming to a boil, like my body is radiating fire hot enough to burn the hairs on your skin.
I feel my heart beat – deafening, I feel the beat of my lashes as I gaze into eyes around me, I feel my two feet well grounded in the soil.
I exist, I am here. I walk with my body.
It is erotic,
Just as this maelstrom of love and hate and passion and lust is in all it’s righteousness. This isn’t anger, this isn’t irrational, this isn’t hate, this is me.
I exist.
I am a woman, 100% hot blooded woman.
When I gaze into you, you will catch fire and you will burn.
But don’t be fooled, this gaze is not to lure you in,
The movement of my hips is not meant to entice you, the clicking of my tongue as I speak is not softened to please your delicate ears.
I am not soft, I am not gentle.
My voice is not serene,
My stare will burn a hole through your skull,
The motions these hands make are f
:icont0xic-rain:t0xic-rain 2 2
Deep blue
In a dream
where I am at peace
I envision the ocean
and being devoured by it
I vision falling into the dark abyss
being consumed by the violent waves
crushing against my lungs
constricting my breath
slowly fading away
short of breath
at peace
The ocean is a beautiful thing
so vicious, yet so placid
such calmness amongst the ruthlessness
the majestic, ancient creatures lurking deep in the deepest of blue
ready to thrash
I will never take on the ocean
because of the brutal honesty
the terrifying actualization of existing
knowing how small you are
and that you will never understand the vastness of the ocean
because you are so insignificant
because you are so oblivious to pure destruction
tangled in the form of beauty
to be suffocated by beauty
is not out of the ordinary
because that is what I suffer from
this horrible condition
leaves me breathless and
constantly yearning for more
My soul swims in the ocean
deep, deep, deep below sea level
I will never find it
I will never know b
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Gole Davoodi :icont0xic-rain:t0xic-rain 2 1
For you
From the time of birth,
till my blossoming being,
he watched with passionate eyes.
he guided me in dire times,
and ignored me during others.
he paved the way to success,
by following his guidelines.
he was proud, and happy,
he was the truest of true.
though you're not here to see me,
i'll continue on just for you.
:icont0xic-rain:t0xic-rain 1 0
Tender heart
I wait
I wallow
I walk through the quick sand again
Every time I fall deeper
Deeper into the dark forests,
I catch a glimpse of the darkness
They watch me with hungry eyes
Waiting to consume me
Though they won't have to wait long,
For my tender heart – weak and frail
Has been shattered,
Rendered crippled
Emotions are so chaotic
That I cannot breathe
Living in this is almost like
Dying a slow and wretched death.
:icont0xic-rain:t0xic-rain 0 0
There is a word that lives deep within
The word is so serene and tranquil that it cannot be heard
It swims deep in the blue sea,
and sways with the eerie howling of the wind
It caresses our thoughts,
and seduces our emotions
Why can we not see?
Why are we so blind?
We are so plump with
our own miseries
That we cannot see the beauty
of truth.
:icont0xic-rain:t0xic-rain 0 0
Trap Them - Power of the Riff :icont0xic-rain:t0xic-rain 1 8 Pelican - Power of the Riff :icont0xic-rain:t0xic-rain 0 0 Pelican - Power of the Riff :icont0xic-rain:t0xic-rain 1 0 Pelican - Power of the Riff :icont0xic-rain:t0xic-rain 2 0 The Rose of Mourning. :icont0xic-rain:t0xic-rain 1 1
Life's cruel joke
If I could let my clothes pile up,
I would
If I could crawl into an empty shell,
I would
If I walked outside and saw nothing but grey,
It wouldn't surprise me,
Because all of this is life's cruel joke played on me.
I could weep and weep
and I could sway with the willow trees,
For the sorrow thats contained inside
Makes me not want to try,
But all of this is life's cruel joke,
and it continues and grows.
Maybe one day I shall awaken from this desolate dream.
Would everything be the way it seems?
Maybe I'd seek solace in this wretched joke,
That one day, I'd break down and choke.
But no, this is not a dream.
This is life's cruel joke.
:icont0xic-rain:t0xic-rain 0 0
As it all had come to an end, I threw away the remaining bit of my soul.
My remaining humanity.
The future awaits, but not for me.
All I see is the end of a well, waiting and haunting me.
I've become a creature of solitude where the warmth of the sun won't cause my heart to ache, where the blowing of the trees in the wind won't cause me to sigh, where I won't recognize anyone's face, let alone my own.
These days approach, and the inevitability of death reassures me that there is nothing more than this.
Nothing more than a cold and empty metallic prison we all know as death.
:icont0xic-rain:t0xic-rain 1 0
Time is endless...
Falling in a time warp
Vision blurs
Spiraling endlessly in infinity
Eternal repetition
The mist clears away and you see,
you finally see,
wrinkled skin
and newly-grown fins.
incarnation of a goldfish.
Just a scaled complex little creature surviving on instinct.
Broke the swinging pendulum and now it begins again.
Reincarnation at last.
Time is endless.
:icont0xic-rain:t0xic-rain 1 3
Hiding in the sun. :icont0xic-rain:t0xic-rain 1 0


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So, it's been about a year (I'm probably exaggerating, but it feels like it's been longer) since I've written anything. Well, anything of substance, really. To me, at least, and that's all that really matters.
Ever since last night, the ocean has inspired me and I have no idea why.

I have a feeling I'll write a ton of shit about the ocean and maybe it'll turn out nice.

For now, I'm trying to stay on top of things and not let this semester be a repeat of the last.
There's no room for failure anymore, only improvement and that is what I strive for currently.

Till the end.

I hope.
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United States
“To be sure, I am a forest, and a night of dark trees: but he who is not afraid of my darkness, will find banks full of roses under my cypresses.”


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